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About Us

Welcome to International Dental Clinic

We, International Dental Clinic (IDC), would like to express our profound thanks to all valued local and international customers who have been supporting our team since 1997. 

Within 18 years of dental experiences, IDC always update our professional dental skills with high-tech dental instruments and materials in order to provide the best dental quality in Cambodia. 

Currently, IDC are using new dental technology which is called Laser Fox. The Laser Fox is a multi-functional dental instrument which is able to heal many kinds of dental diseases without bleeding, pain, and 100% bacteria free along 

with very high quality. This technology will improve your comfort, eliminate pain, and greatly reduce the need for any anesthesia. 

We strive to be the most innovative aesthetic dental practice. The individualized attention and thorough examination allows us to give our patients their most beautiful smile possible. With patient oriented care in mind, our team is committed to providing the best dental care and value added services delivered to meet within the client’ s time frame.