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Testimonial For Dr. Maria Tishkova 
(Siem Reap Branch)

Testimonial For Dr. Soeun Samnang 
(Siem Reap Branch)

Testimonial For Dr. Soeun Samnang (Siem Reap Branch)

Testimonial For Dr. Maria Tishkova (Siem Reap Branch)


Testimonial For Dr. Khot My

Donald Woods

"I have been here twice in the last year. Dr. Maria Tishkova is absolutely fabulous; highly skilled and personable. She has done three root canals for me (I'm usually really scared of dentists, so neglect going), seven or eight fillings and two crowns. She is inexpensive and you can trust her implicitly. I am telling my friends that they should vis.."read moreit Siem Reap, see Angkor Wat (a marvel of a an area), and get your dental work done. I now teach and live in Siem Reap and Dr Maria is my dentist.

I chose the clinic with much hesitation. I'm an American and worry about dental competence in other countries. But I'm a teacher now in Siem Reap, so I needed to see a dentist. My first impression was that the outside (street noisy and crowded,outside of building needed painting and a new sign) was not impressive, but inside it was spotless, the equipment new, the staff welcoming, and I soon relaxed. Especially, I was completely reassured by Dr Maria's attitude, speed of her services, and no-nonsense approach to my treatment. She's really good."



Nicola Hassan
From Battambang city,

27th July 2015


I have been attending Dr . Khot My , clinic, at the International Dental Clinic, for 16 years, since my husband and I,  have been living here in Cambodia. We are originally from England.

Among other things over those years, he has given me, root canal treatment, ceramic inlay filling, and crowns.  Always being very thorough and helpful, and patient and kind.

The quality of his work, is such, that even when I have returned to England, and had some dental check up there, they were impressed with Dr Khot My, work on my teeth, they say it was of high quality.

I have had infection in my tooth sometimes, and an uncomfortable feeling with sensitivity , so needed various treatment to sort out the problem, like root canal, or a crown on the tooth.  I have found Dr Khot My to really take a personal interest, and never took a course in order to make money, but rather to save the tooth.

I have been impressed with the hygine of Dr Khot My's clinic, at the International Dental Clinic. And professionalism of the staff there.

So have complete trust in attending this clinic. So much so, that both my husband and I, would travel from Battambang, which is where we have lived for the last 7 years, to attend the IDC.

I am happy with my teeth now, and feel they have had the best treatment possible.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Nicola Hassan

Testimonial For Dr. Piseth

 Mrs. Severine

4th  March 2015

I came here from Malaysia because this clinic has been previously recommended to me by some of my friends.

In the past I have consulted several dentist but I was told that a treatment might take up to 3 months to complete and the prices were just outrageous, so I decided to come here instead.

My dentist, Dr.Piseth, was very caring and kept me informed about every step of the procedure. He also explained in detail which treatment would be most effective in order to achieve the  result I was looking for. It took only a couple of days and I was more than happy with the results, the overall cost for the treatment was less than half of what I expected, needless to say I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you International Dental Clinic for giving me a beautiful smile!

Testimonial for Dr. Piseth

Mr. Seiya Kawasaki (To Dr Poeung Piseth)

From Japan

17th December 2014